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The Simeon Cloud Brand Guidelines exist so we can all communicate our brand with the same precision and cohesion we used to build it. Use this guide when creating any branded materials so each one looks and feels like Simeon Cloud.

About Simeon Cloud


This is how we describe ourselves.

A paragraph

Simeon Cloud is the only end-to-end configuration management solution for for Microsoft 365 settings, policies, and Intune applications. We automate and maintain baseline cloud configurations to save engineering hours, enhance security postures, and allow organizations of all sizes to keep their focus on what matters most.

A sentence

The only end-to-end configuration management for Microsoft 365 settings, policies, and Intune applications.

~5 words

End-to-end cloud configuration solutions.


To supercharge IT teams with enterprise-grade automation for configuring and maintaining cloud environments.


To be the leader for cloud configuration automation that saves organizations time, money, and hassle.



We have tech no one else has, but that’s not enough. We’re always on the cutting-edge of technology, leading the way to tomorrow’s solutions.


We enhance the power of a company’s IT team, allowing them to get up-to-speed faster and focus on what really matters.


We make things easier, saving our partners time, money, and hassle with simple, easy-to-implement solutions.


<aside> 💡 The way typography is used says as much about our brand as the words themselves.

Simeon uses the font Sailec — a contemporary style that conveys being ahead of the curve and powerful. The typeface can be weighted to create a range of different styles.


Font Files


Sailec Regular Italic.ttf